Turkey Salsa Chili

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going by smoothly. I made a quick meal this afternoon and just wanted to share the recipe because it’s so darn good. Again y’all know my stance on recipes; create it however the way you want….BE CREATIVE!


Turkey Salsa Chili Recipe:

1 Can of red kidney beansTurkey Salsa Chili 2

1 whole chopped sweet onion

1/4 of each- roasted red, orange, & yellow peppers

1 handful of spinach

1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of organic salsa

1/2 pound of ground turkey


Old Bay

Roasted garlic



Plain Greek yogurt



Lightly salt and brown ground turkey on the stove. Season to taste with Old Bay and roasted garlic. In another pot, empty can of beans into it and heat to medium. Add chopped onions and allow mixture to cook for 2 minutes. Add chopped roasted peppers, a few dashes of Old Bay, salsa and water. Allow mixture to boil for 2 minutes. Finally add in the turkey and spinach. Reduce heat to low and cover. After simmering for 15 minutes, remove pot from heat. Place in bowl or on top of rice with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Enjoy!

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