SPARTAN PRIDE!!! I may have single-handedly sponsored a classroom at UNC-G with my tuition. Just kidding but not really. There’s a special surcharge that hits the bill once you surpass a certain amount of credit hours. Spring of 2012, I received my first award from UNC-G by earning a spot on the Dean’s list. A […]


On a cool evening in November of 2010, I stood outside of South-Central Church of Christ doors. Silently refusing to enter as I battled with feelings of melancholy. I remember so many uncertainties about the direction of my life racing through my mind. Somehow a seemingly productive young adult has ended up jobless, disenrolled from college, and reluctantly returned to reside with her parents. Needless to say, that was the worse year of my life (even post COVID times). I wasn’t myself. The “myself” that I knew who was always optimistic and motivated. Most of my friends and colleagues appeared to have it all figured out by now as they have graduated college.

I contemplated some more on whether to go in or go home when a young man approached me. I had only met him once earlier during a young adult gathering at the minister’s house. He and his wife were friendly and hard-working professionals. I don’t remember much of what we discussed that evening; however, I do remember having a sense of hopefulness. He gave me his business card because he thought I would make a good optical consult for his office. I applied and rather quickly was hired by Eye Care Associates (ECA) but not as an optical consult. I started training on Dec 10th for my call center job in the home office. Opportunity.

Reflections during this period:

Sometimes you must show up even when you don’t feel like it. It is necessary to evaluate the consequences and benefits of our actions. Thank you to my church family for being a community of love and support throughout the years.

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As I sit here contemplating ways to get out of these two exams I have tomorrow, I can’t help but to feel a little pissed off. Many people do not fully understand the whole concept of being a pre-health professional student. There are so many flippin hoops to jump through it just makes you sick! I know I will be a doctor one day but how much longer? I can’t see myself doing anything else. Not that I won’t be good at another career but I simply won’t be satisfied knowing that I am wasting my potential. Having to work at least 35 hours/week, volunteer, and attend advance classes part-time is starting to take a toll on me. My colleagues share my sentiments of general irritation with the whole process. I have given a great part of the last 4 years towards my dream and I want it to pay off. I miss having a social life and this has been a very lonely process.

On the other hand, there are moments where I understand I’m exactly where I need to be. I was teaching a patient how to remove and insert hard contact lenses last week. She became very frustrated with the process and started to cry. Although, I had a study group session planned within the next 20 minutes, I decide to be there for her. I took her aside into a private room and just held her while she cried. Afterwards, we got back to the process and she was able to get the hang of it right away. And it’s moments like those that I realize I will be a phenomenal doctor.

Okay my rant is over for now. Back to the chamber of insomnia.