SPARTAN PRIDE!!! I may have single-handedly sponsored a classroom at UNC-G with my tuition. Just kidding but not really. There’s a special surcharge that hits the bill once you surpass a certain amount of credit hours. Spring of 2012, I received my first award from UNC-G by earning a spot on the Dean’s list. A stark difference from the student just a couple of years prior. I didn’t know you get awards in college. I was so proud that I framed the next four consecutive certificates I received. I think what made this experience different from my past was the camaraderie from colleagues with similar career goals.

My UNC-G Post-Bacc girls and a few guys were awesome! There were so many moments of laughter and anguish as we sat in the Sullivan Science building or the Jackson library preparing for the next assessment. We understood the importance of random study breaks for snacks, bakery runs, or simply no reason at all. Speaking of bakeries, if you are ever near Bristol, TN/VA then Black Bird Bakery is a MUST! They use to be 24/6 prior to the C. Anyways more importantly, we were able to confide in each other about feelings of inadequacy as we all pursued health science fields.

Reflections during this period:

Divide and conquer tough material. You can do it alone but there’s no need to. Build a solid support system of like-minded individuals.  

This series is titled 12 Years A Student. I will share my journey to becoming an optometrist throughout several posts. Subscribe to get notifications for the new posts. Graduation gifts are unnecessary but always appreciated. If you would like to send something, then my Cashapp is $missBERbie or PayPal at paypal.me/missberladyTTC.

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