Workout #1

Elliptical Cardio Interval
Elliptical Cardio Interval

That over there is the result of my first workout since beginning my transition. This was done on Wednesday, May 21st but I didn’t have a chance to post it. A follower of my blog joined me at the gym and we had to leave before I made it to an hour.  I have loss a significant amount of weight in the past by using only the elliptical. When I workout with the elliptical, I do exactly that. I create a full-body workout instead of just walking on it. The combination I used is a manual interval which I call my Elliptical Cardio Interval (ECI). This is truly one of my favorite workouts. It’s perfect for days that I’m short on time or don’t feel like doing anything.

These are all 4-minute intervals unless otherwise noted:

  1. Forward-Level 4 with arm handles
  2. Forward-Level 8 without arm handles
  3. Forward-Level 5 with arm handles
  4. Forward-Level 9 without arm handles
  5. Forward-Level 6 with arm handles
  6. Forward-Level 10 without arm handles
  7. Forward-Level 7 with arm handles (2-minutes)
  8. Forward-Level 11 without arm handles (2-minutes)
  9. Backward-Level 11 without arm handles (2-minutes)
  10. Backward-Level 7 with arm handles (2-minutes)
  11. Backward-Level 10 without arm handles
  12. Backward-Level 6 with arm handles
  13. Backward-Level 9 without arm handles
  14. Backward-Level 5 with arm handles
  15. Backward-Level 8 without arm handles
  16. Backward-Level 4 with arm handles
  17. Forward-cool down for 4 minutes

This is the one hour version. Well happy transitioning!


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