The Color ??????

Only three days left to register for the Color Run 5k event in RTP on October 4th! Well you can register until Oct 4th but you will miss out on some sweet deals. Since I signed up for their mailing list, they are making my team’s status VIP. This includes some freebies and $15 off the registration fee. Awesome deal! Normally registration is $40 so be proactive and register here for $25. You must do this by May 31st and make sure you join the team named TTCMovement.

Here is a link to the website that contains general details about the event:

I’m encouraging all those who have even an inkling of desire to participate in this event, to join my team. This may not be a Color Run for you. Maybe a Color Walk or a Color Jog. Either way you ought to be coloring something 🙂 Besides for my team this will be a empowering accomplishment full of fun and laughter.


4 thoughts on “The Color ??????

  1. Cassie loves participating in the color run and has for the last three years. The event is sure to be high on all participants for the most memorable 5k they’ve ever signed up for. Life pro tip, bring something to cover your car seats for the drive home.


    • Thanks for subscribing! I’m glad to hear from a trusted source that it will be fun! I didn’t even think about getting something to cover my car seats. I’m gonna look into the large sheets of plastics. What other 5ks have you all done?


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