My Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience: Part 3 of 3

Well guys, it looks like this won’t be my last post about this subject after all. I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon and it appears that I will have to see him every three weeks for the next three months. I have to admit that I’m really disappointed. Not with my doctor but with the whole concept of removing wisdom teeth. It just seems that in this day and age there would be improved methods or technology to decrease negative outcomes with removal. Anyways, I’ll use this post to review what was determined at my appointment. (Click here to read part 1 of 3)

Numbness…haaaa! I cannot feel anything in the following marked region of my face:

photo (2)

This is a small area but it’s really annoying because I can’t feel when I’m biting my tongue or irritating my skill by touching it too much. There is also an overwhelming sensation of intense pressure in my lower teeth on that side. If could imagine your teeth squeezing together then that’s how it feels. The pain medication does not relieve this feeling so I often stay up at night until I can pass out. The surgeon prescribed a steroid series to help relieve the pressure. I will see him every three weeks so he can perform a needle test on this region. All the needle test involves is him taking a syringe needle and slightly poking the skin to get a response. If it’s sharp and painful then that means I have normal nerve activity; however, if it feels like a dull ache then the nerve is injured.  One weird relief method I use for the pressure is drinking a soda. Must be something to do with the carbonation?

Sloppy speech– This is probably the worst offender. I have a lisp now and most of my “f” or “s” words sound jumbled. Did I mention that I do some work in a call center? Yea answering satan’s hotline with annoying mouth issues is not fun!


On a positive note, the weird white scab on the side of my tongue is gone. Please pray that my recovery is swift and that I’ll be better than before.


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