Seattle Visit: Part Two- Roadtrip to Oregon (05/03/2016)

It’s 5:00 AM (PT) and I know I should already be on the road to Oregon. My Uncle Jaybird mentioned that traffic often turns “black” near the major cites due to a temporary highway closing. I roll over and rest for another 45 minutes then I rush to get ready. Although, I am excited about my one-on-one visit with the college, I feel slightly anxious. This morning I also briefly got to meet my youngest first cousins before heading out on the road. [They play a larger role in the latter parts of my visit.] The drive down towards Oregon was not long to me since I road trip often. I have no problem enjoying my own company and jamming out to my favorite sounds. Here are some photos and videos of the experience:

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The top four fast food chains here seem to be Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, and most importantly Starbucks. I have numerous photos from this trip that I decided not to double post photos. To view the photos you didn’t see click here to go to my instagram page.  [Time skip four hours later…] I am currently at in Forest Grove, Oregon at Pacific University’s College of Optometry.  I’ll have to switch to the past tense now to better describe the experience. I saw a future for myself there. My tour guide, Diana Yin, was a second year optometry student who was so informative. She was originally from Chicago but enjoyed being in the relatively rural environment. It seemed as if that place was a reflection of my inner-self. A community that supports itself and others. Seriously, read the history of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. This is what I am all about.  After my tour with Diana, I drove over to the admissions office in Hillsboro and met with Andrea. Andrea was one of the admissions counselors who made an extra effort to accommodate my visit. I am very thankful for her. There is no way I would have had so much insight about Pacific University without visiting. I’m so glad I went!

My overall thoughts about the college of optometry here are positive. It offers the educational programs to address developmental disabilities which is important for me because my research is focused in that area. It has a strong community wellness focus that will allow me to thrive because i love people. It’s in a peaceful and beautiful environment. This factor holds a lot of weight due to my love of nature (just not butterflies).

***Disclaimer*** My photo editing stinks because I don’t have the time. Next up, Part Three- Views from the 206!

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