Seattle Visit: Part One- Travelling Day (05/02/2016)

Today marks the last day of exams. I took Orgo 2 final and I’m pretty sure I have a 1/4 chance of getting an A :). As I sit in the airport awaiting my flight departure, I ponder the necessity of the numerous hoops pre-health professionals have to jump through. I planned on applying for optometry school this year but an eerie level of uncertainty looms within me. Its seems as if this journey has sucked the life out of me. I feel empty. I’ve sacrificed a lot of things to get this far and yet it appears I have nothing to show for it. I’ve lost my mission and purpose and I simply don’t care. Now don’t worry about me. When I feel this way, it usually means I’m due for a vacation. Breaks are important and essential times for me to reconnect with my inner-self. For this break, I chose Seattle because I have relatives there I haven’t met, it’s different geographic region of America, and the opportunity to visit an optometry school in Oregon. In others words, I needed love, outdoors, and a direct source of information.

This is my second solo trip this year and I’m so excited! This is also my first time flying with Southwest Airlines. I must say the check in/security procedure went exceptionally smooth. I opted for early bird check in and had only one carry on item. I preferred to be technology free during my get-away so I left my laptop at home. Southwest offers more affordable travel arrangements since they include two free checked bags with their fare fee. It was nice to be able to watch live /On Demand TV.  Honestly, the trip to Seattle was non-eventful and i arrived safely to my destination. I’ll save my SEATAC airport review for the last part. Stay tuned for Part two- Roadtrip to Oregon. Lots of photos to come!20160502_223042000_iOS20160502_223046000_iOS 20160502_223054000_iOS

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