My Thoughts: Fearless

Today marks the ending of a chapter with my employer of five years. I knew I would be leaving sometime this month but didn’t expect it to be this moment. Despite the fact that I usually avoid change, I felt a sense of freedom overcome my spirit. I wanted this change. Hell, I even prompted it. I am confident that the next employment opportunity is exactly where I am supposed to be in order to propel me in my journey.

At some point towards the end of last year, I discovered the beauty of not being afraid of anything. Seriously. Not even death. I let go of my fears of not fulfilling other’s expectations for me, failing, succeeding, wrong decisions, being unqualified, etc… Most importantly, the most crippling fear in my opinion, fear of the future. I was so consumed with the thought of certain things not working out because of what they could become. Notice how I emphasize thought and could. I missed the joy of being in the present by giving my power to these abstract concepts.

Being fearless supersedes the cliché BS of just choosing to be positive in all things. It’s not dismissive of the natural emotions felt when dealing with hardships. It’s anticipating that sorrows will come and I will move past them. I possess the power and knowledge to figure stuff out. So I confidently embrace each experience and more importantly understand their necessary roles in my life. This is not a journey about who I will become rather what I will do and where I will go. I’m not on this journey to become someone great. I am already her. And I absolutely adore and love her.

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